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    The 4000W Shelf Home Party System by Gemini is a powerful and compact audio system that is perfect for any house party or gathering. With a maximum power output of 4000W, this system ensures a high-quality sound experience for everyone in the room. The GMGSYS4000 comes with multiple inputs including Bluetooth, USB, SD card, and aux, allowing you to connect various devices and play your favorite music effortlessly. Featuring easy-to-use controls and a sleek design, this Gemini system seamlessly blends into any home decor. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or throwing a big party, the 4000W Shelf Home Party System is the ultimate audio solution to elevate your entertainment experience.
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    The 4000W Shelf Home Party System by Gemini, model GMGSYS4000, is the ultimate audio masterpiece that will elevate any gathering or event to an electrifying experience filled with high-energy beats and crystal-clear sound. Created by the renowned manufacturer Gemini, this powerful and versatile system is designed to bring professional-quality audio to your home parties, ensuring that every guest enjoys an immersive and unforgettable music experience.

    With its impressive 4000W power output, this Shelf Home Party System delivers a jaw-dropping sound that will captivate anyone within its range. Whether you're hosting a small, intimate gathering or throwing a large celebration, this system guarantees that your music will be heard and felt with unparalleled clarity and depth. Prepare to be amazed as the GMGSYS4000 fills the room with booming bass, precise midranges, and crisp, sparkling highs that will have everyone on their feet.

    The GMGSYS4000 is equipped with a range of advanced features that allow you to customize your audio experience to your liking. Its built-in DJ mixer enables seamless transition between tracks, creating a professional-grade mixing experience right at your fingertips. With multiple line inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, you can effortlessly connect your favorite devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to play your personalized playlists or stream music from popular apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.

    In addition, this system comes with a range of connectivity options, including USB and SD card inputs, enabling you to play music directly from your portable storage devices. With the included FM tuner, you can also tune into your favorite radio stations or discover new ones, ensuring that there is always something for everyone on this versatile system.

    Designed with convenience in mind, the GMGSYS4000 features a stylish and compact design that easily fits on any shelf or table, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor parties. Its durable construction ensures longevity, meaning you can rely on this resilient system for countless parties to come.

    Not only does the GMGSYS4000 deliver exceptional audio performance, but it also includes an array of party-enhancing LED lights that will transform any space into a vibrant dancefloor. These multicolored lights, with various modes and intensities, create a visually stunning atmosphere that synchronizes with the rhythm of your music, immersing everyone in a complete audio-visual experience.

    Whether you are a seasoned DJ or simply a music enthusiast, the 4000W Shelf Home Party System by Gemini, model GMGSYS4000, is an absolute game-changer that will take your parties to a whole new level. Get ready to be blown away by its power, impressed by its features, and awed by its exceptional audio quality. Let the GMGSYS4000 be the center of attention at your next party and make a lasting impression on all your guests.
    • Product Name: 4000W SHELF HOME PARTY SYSTEM
    • Manufacturer: GEMINI
    • Model: GMGSYS4000
    • Power Output: 4000W (peak)
    • Speaker Configuration: 2-way speaker system
    • Number of Speakers: 2
    • Speaker Size: 15 inches
    • Amplifier Type: Integrated
    • Amplifier Power: 2000W (RMS)
    • Microphone Input: Yes
    • Number of Microphone Inputs: 2
    • Microphone Included: No
    • Audio Input: Yes
    • Number of Audio Inputs: 1
    • Audio Output: Yes
    • Number of Audio Outputs: 1
    • Built-in Wireless Connectivity: No
    • Supported Media Formats: CD, USB, Bluetooth
    • Supported Audio Formats: MP3, WAV
    • Control Panel: Yes
    • Display Screen: Yes
    • Screen Type: LED
    • Remote Control: Yes
    • EQ Settings: Bass, Treble, Balance
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 16.5" x 44" x 15"
    • Weight: 79.2 lbs
    • Color: Black
    • Power Requirements: 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    • Additional Features: Party lights, DJ effects, FM radio tuner
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